Italian artist, born in 1987, lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
He investigates mostly the perception of audio, the way to represent it and to describe the feeling with geometrical structures. His works are focused on the data analysis of the sound to generate distorted landscape, surreal forms and abstract scenery of decomposition of micro/macro cosmos. His projects encompass from performance, interactive installation, photography and geometry.


Andrea Familari
During the past years he collaborated with sculptor Francesca Pasquali and the video artist Carlotta Piccinini,. They realised 39000 Light Straws (2013), “a brilliant work of art composed of tens of thousands of coloured straws, an installation art brought to life by interactive video mapping, thanks to a line of motion sensing devices called Kinect and Processing, which involve public interaction”, exhibited at Nesting Art Gallery in Ravenna (2013), Lercaro Foundation in Bologna (2014) and at the Solo exhibition of Francesca Pasquali at Tornabuoni Art Gallery in Florence (2015).

In 2016 they worked on a site-specific Installation for for the Exhibition FLUX-US at CUBO Unipol in Bologna during Arte Fiera: “GLASSWALL, an AV interactive installation formed by 150.000 plastic glasses of different sizes and densities, born as a reflection on the transformation and the potential of material by Francesca Pasquali, in collaboration with Carlotta Piccinini and Andrea Familari – with the sound contribution by Luigi Mastandrea and Bernardo Lo Sterzo. “

In March 2017 he presented his first solo Exhibition titled “Notes#” in Bologna at Adiacenze Gallery. Inside the exhibition space were presented unpublished works: two video installations “Notes # 1”, an Interactive installation, “Untitled”, a video loop projected on a curved screen deigned by the artist and the “Untitled S.00X”, a series of generative-photographic prints . The same Exhibition was represented at Nexst Independent Art Festival in Turin in November during the ARTISSIMA’s week.


Since 2014 he developed Visual Improvisation, an audio reactive patch in order to generate his own shapes and colors with all kind of music.From 2017 he performed the performance every two months in Spektrum, Berlin with different type of performances: Andrea Mirandas, Giovani Di Giandomenico, Marco Berardi.

Presenting solo performance as well collaborating with several musicians such as Dadub, AnD, Oscar Mulero, Eomac, Samuel Roher, Honzo, Platonic Dive, Meg … And has been collaborated with labels like Electric Deluxe, Inner Surface, Repitch Recordings and Opal Tapes among many others.
He exhibited and performed at Berlin Atonal, Mira Festival, Mapping Festival, Electron Festival, Krake Festival, roBOt Festival, Flussi Festival and Tornabuoni Art Gallery  among many others..

In 2013 he also founded, together with Marco Berardi (Mogano) and Giuseppe Bifulco (Drøp) the Records Label Arboretum, a cooperative platform for Audio/Video experiments.


Selected Exhibitions___

– Solo Exibhition, NESXT, Independent Art Festival, Spazio Ferramenta, Turin, Italy [26/10 – 05/11] Screening, Fine Arts Prints
– Solo Exibhition, Adiacenze Galeery, Bologna, Italy [03/03 – 01/04] Interactive installation, Screening, Fine Arts Prints
– Glasswall, Flux-Us Exhibition, Cubo Unipol, Bologna, Italy [27/01 – 16/04] – Interactive installation
– 39000 light straws, Galleria d’Arte Tornabuoni, Florence [19/09 – 19/11] Interactive installation
– 39000 light straws, Galleria d’Arte Moderna “Raccolta Lercaro”, Bologna (IT) [22/01-26/01 ] Interactive installation
– 39000 light straws, @Ninapì – Nesting Art Gallery, Ravenna (IT) [27/10 – 05/11 ] Interactive installation


Selected Screening___

– FILE 2018, SESI Gallery of Art, Sao Paulo, Brasil
– Auditorium of Conservatorio Morlacchi Di Perugia, Italy
– CSW Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdańsk, Poland
– MA/IN 2017, Fondazione Sassi Matera, Italy
– ADAF 2017, Athens, Grece
– Blooming Festival, Pergola, Italy


Selected Performances___

– MainOFF Festival 2018, Sala Perriera, Palermo, (IT)
– Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam, (NL)
– Robot festival 08 @ Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna (IT)
– Flussi 2015 @ Teatro Gesualdo, Avellino (IT)
– Krake Festival 2015 @ Urban Spree, Berlin (DE)
– Electron Festival 2015 @ Geneve (CH)
– MiRa Festival 2014 @ Barcellona (SP)
– PatchLab 2014 @ Krakow (PL)
– Spring Attitude Festival 2014 @ Spazio Novecento, Roma(IT)
– LPM 2013 Live performers meeting @ Cape Town (ZA)
– Berlin Atonal 2013 @ Kraftwerk, Berlin (DE)
– Mapping Festival 2013 @ Geneve (CH)
– Dromoscope VII @ Loophole, CTM 2013 preview, Berlin (DE)
– Robot festival 05 @ Palazzo Re Enzo, Link, Bologna (IT)
– Flussi 2012 @ Teatro Gesualdo, Avellino (IT)
– Tauron Videozone Festival 2012 @ Jaworzno (PL)
– Mapping Festival 2012 @ Geneve (CH)
– LPM 2011 Live Performance meeting @ Minsk (BY)


Collaborated with:

_ MOTE Studio
_ Dromoscope
_ IlPagliaio
_ Farmacia901